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How To Make A Captivating Dissertation Defense Presentation

PhD dissertation defense is mandatory in almost all universities. You are required to make a presentation on your ideas in front of a panel of professors who will assess your grasp of the topic and how well you handle questions. The presentation will also form part of your grading. This calls for thorough preparation and a water tight presentation. Here are tips that will guarantee a captivating presentation.

Thoroughly Understand Your Paper

All questions and engagements will be centered on the content of your paper. There is no better way of preparing for a dissertation defense than to thoroughly understand the content. After all, it is this content that you will be required to defend. Do not memorize the content because you have no idea where the questions will come from. Rather, understand the concepts in depth and be ready to face any question that comes your way.

Watch Other Presentation

Do not allow your doctoral dissertation defense to be the first presentation you attend. You will be nervous and have no idea what to expect. Attend presentations by others students to gain experience and an idea of what will happen during your own presentation. Though the presentations are not identical, there are lessons to be learnt about how to make a strong and captivating presentation.

Consult Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is responsible for your performance. He is seconded to you by the department and university to provide guidance in the process of drafting your paper. Luckily, you are not required to pay for supervisory services. Further, the supervisor is always available in school to assist. He has participated in dissertation defense presentation preparations before and therefore understands your nervousness. This makes him the best source of assistance and a guaranteed source of quality help.

Make a Mock Presentation

A mock presentation or a dry run helps you test your performance before the actual day. You will also test the resources used like dissertation defense PowerPoint slides and demos that you require for your defense. In case they are not working, they will be fixed before the actual day. This also helps you identify areas that could be presenting difficulties. Further, your supervisor and mock audience will engage you to gauge how well you can perform. You can determine the time it will take to handled different sections in order to prepare adequately.

Dress For the Occasion

This is a big day in your academic journey. Dressing for the occasion is one of the dissertation defense tips that are not related to your content yet very important. Get comfortable clothes, shoes and other any other accessory you may require. Your appearance will send a message to the panel. You need to be confident when you stand in front of the panel. This confidence can be seen in your dressing.

Rehearse the presentation using mock dissertation defense questions and guidance from your supervisor. By mastering your paper well, you will be ready to handle any question sent your way by the panel. Confidence and mastery of content are the most important elements during defense.