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Writing An Outstanding Dissertation Methodology Chapter

The dissertation methodology section comes right after the literature review chapter. By the time of writing the methodology for your paper, it means you have already tackled the research question. You have also reviewed the thoughts of other academic scholars with regards to your subject area. The methodology section of the paper should therefore provide an account of the approach that you intend to pursue and explain why you have decided to do so. This section highlights the main dissertation methodology types and components.

Types of dissertation methodology

There is a wide range of dissertation methodologies that you can be asked to use while writing your paper. Thus, it is important that you first check the instructions of your paper to know the most appropriate methodology for your study. Here are some of the most common types of dissertation methodology chapter.

Scientific study

If you are writing a methodology section of a scientific dissertation, focus on giving a detailed description of the equipment, procedures and setting up a lab. These can also be used by other researchers to achieve the stated results. It’s also important to show that you have considered variables that would impact the distortion of data and put measures to counter them.

Critical Arts and Humanities dissertation

The methodology section for arts and humanities dissertations should be crafted with the clarity and rigor of a scientific study. However, it is usually more linked to the literature review. It mainly entails the application of X’s theories and blending the X’s and Y’s to generate a new theoretical approach. However, you have to effectively justify your theories and their relationship to the research question. A good dissertation methodology example can vividly show you how to put these into context.

Creative arts dissertation

While many students prefer creative arts dissertations over critical pieces, creative arts papers also have their share of challenges. Essentially, you are required to show that you have the ability to detach from your own creativity and view the work from an objective viewpoint. You should also relay your work as a platform or practice that others can rely on to achieve certain set goals.

Key components of dissertation methodology

While the dissertation methodology structure can vary from one study to another, there are key elements that must be clearly addressed in this section. These include:

  • A recap of the research questions that are pointed out in the literature review
  • A comprehensive description of the method or design of your study
  • Background and rationale of the design that you will pursue
  • Evaluation of the chosen design and its setbacks

Before writing the methodology section, it is advisable that you draft a dissertation methodology outline to serve as your roadmap. You can also use a dissertation methodology template to make the task easier. Always keep in mind that you can even buy dissertation online.